Elephant Fundies

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Meet the cutest, most functional undies in the business... FUNDIES! We have thought out every aspect of these underwear to ensure that you and your littles absolutely love them. No tags or elastic means you always get the closest and most comfortable fit. Perfect fit means no matter how rough they play, no matter how many cartwheels they do, no matter how fast they run... your child will always be covered where it counts!

The Boppity is all about options and customizing your look, which is why we offer SO MANY style options:

Briefs / Standard: full coverage brief style for boys or girls

Briefs / Fly: standard brief, but with fully functional fly

Briefs / Trainers: briefs with an extra layer of organic bamboo fleece in the "wet zone"

Briefs / Super Trainers: briefs with a double layer of organic bamboo fleece in the "wet zone"

Boxers / Standard: amazing comfort and style for the little man in your life

Boxers / Fly: standard boxer, but with fully functional fly

Boxers / Trainers: boxers with an extra layer of organic bamboo fleece

Boxers / Super Trainers: boxers with a double layer of organic bamboo fleece

Do you have a child who is potty training? Potty training can be a little bit less painful when you have the right training pants! The trainers and super trainers use organic bamboo fleece to help absorb accidents. These will help catch accidents, but they are NOT waterproof (on purpose), since it is important that potty training kiddos are able to feel when they have an accident. The training Fundies are meant to be a step above diapers, which is why we don't use PUL liners.

Each unique design is only available in limited quantities, so don't wait to snag yours! Once it's gone, chances are it's gone for good.